Tips for Memorable Camping vacation in Uganda

Car Hire and Camping in Uganda: What You Must Know Before You Do It

More travelers are finding out the best option to relax is through taking a nature safari tour. Any can marvel at the beautiful sights and the adventurous activities, but not everyone likes to stay at an established lodge, that’s why they prefer to stay in a tent.

Camping is a great alternative for budget travelers to save money on their self-drive trip to Uganda. Transport and accommodation can be covered at a go by hiring a car with a rooftop tent.

If you are planning for a road trip around Uganda on your next vacation, rent a car with a rooftop tent you are assured of saving some money.

However, there are certain things you must do and know to get it right with this expedition. Follow these vital tips for car hire and camping in Uganda

Plan Ahead

Planning is integral to a successful trip. The national parks have numerous camping grounds and choose campsites with other amenities such as flush toilets, bathrooms, a bar, a restaurant, and security.  Also, identify tour activities that will make your camping safari in Uganda more exciting and adventurous.

It is also wise to look at the rules and regulations at the campsites regarding cooking, making campfires, drinking alcohol, and smoking.

Reserve the perfect rental car

Not every vehicle is suitable for rooftop tent camping. There are specific ones compatible with camping such as a land cruiser Prado TX, Land Cruiser VX/V8, and land Cruiser GX. All the aforementioned cars can carry two rooftop tents except the land cruiser Prado Tx, so know the number of people you are traveling with and choose the right vehicle for your camping expedition. Ensure the car is well maintained, and insured, and has accessories like a fridge charging pots, air conditioner, toolbox, and spare tire.

Pack Freely

You’re not a backpacker who has to be critical of the space and weight of your luggage.  You will be using a car where you have the luxury of all the necessary items to make your trip convenient. Do not forget to pack stuff like sleeping bags, cooking tools, food, water, chairs, a lighter, table, a fridge or a cooler box, sanitary items, a camera, binoculars, a raincoat, a sweater, and insect repellents among others. Pack considering the space in the trunk and the number of people you are traveling with.

Prepare for the Outdoors

When you’re spending time outdoors, you should be prepared for whatever nature brings. Sudden rain and lots of mosquitoes are common at campsites, so to avoid your trip being ruined, bring rain gear and some mosquito repellant in case these are problems you have to face during your trip.

Follow camp etiquette

No matter what type of camping you’re going to do, you should always observe both the written and unwritten rules of camping. The most important is Leave No Trace, so be sure to pack out your trash and leave the campsite cleaner than when you arrived!

Follow these car camping tips for beginners for a more memorable trip!