Group Camping Uganda

Top 5 Tips for Camping in Uganda with a Group

Camping has become a mainstay in Uganda’s tourism since the introduction of rooftop tents. These vehicle campers make the experience more comfortable and safer compared to ground tent camping.

Rooftop tent camping is not restricted to only two people, even four can camp on the roof of one vehicle in what is called double rooftop tent camping.

It is more exciting to camp when you are in a group because boredom becomes a myth and also safety and security are guaranteed.

Group camping is very rewarding but hard to organize. It is overwhelming to set everything right because of the different tastes and preferences among the campers.

Follow the tips below to enable you to have a successful camping experience with a group.

  • Agree on the ideal camping ground

Before you decide on the campsite, you should consider the kind of people you are camping with.  For example, if you have seniors or children on your trip, ensure to find a place that is safe and quiet.  If you are camping with first-timers, try to select a camp ground with basic amenities such as electricity, a toilet, a bathroom, a bar, and a restaurant nearby.

  • Make the bookings earlier

You don’t wish to turn up at the campsite and get to know that it cannot accommodate the group. It is vital to seek information about the location, occupancy, and amenities of the campsite. This can be done when you do your reservation earlier than the travel dates. Go to the internet and search on the internet the various campsites within the destination you wish to visit on your safari. Finding a perfect campsite won’t be a problem, they are loads of them in each national park in Uganda.

  • Select a spot stuffed with activities

A great option to offer a great outdoor experience to the group is to select an area that provides lots of activities such as birding, nature walks, game viewing, hiking, and boat trip among others. It should also be able to create recreational activities like campfire retreats, storytelling, playing games, swimming, and grooving.

  • Allocate groups

A large group of over 30 people is hard to mobilize and control, you should divide the group into smaller cliques and assign team leaders. You should also assign responsibilities for these small groups for instance tent pitching crew, meal-making crew, activity-organizing crew, and so forth.

  • Prepare a meal plan

Cooking for a large number of people is not a simple task. It is wise to organize a meal plan for the group for the entire period of the safari. Time for preparing and eating must be fixed and also go for foods that can be prepared in bulk such as rice, pasta, soups and stews. Purchasing food stuff and groceries in bulk will also save you money.